Delete a Taskfeed Board

How to Delete a Board

If you find that you need to a delete a Board, then you can follow these steps:
Note: Once a Board is deleted, all related Tasks are also deleted.

From the Taskfeed Tab:

  1. Open the Board, then click  next to the Board's name, then select View.
  2. This will load details of the Board into the Sidebar
  3. Select  under the Board name in the Sidebar
  4. This will load the Salesforce Record Detail page for the Board.  Click  on the page-level controls.
  5. Click Delete.
If Delete does not appear then you do not have the necessary permissions to delete the record. Contact your Salesforce Administrator for more information.

From the Taskfeed Boards tab:

You can delete a Board from the Taskfeed Boards object, from a List View or from the Board's record detail page, as shown in steps 4 and 5 above.
  1. From the App Launcher in Lightning or All Tabs in Classic, find the Taskfeed Boards tab
  2.  Click   next to the cell you want.
  3. Select Delete.


  1. Go to Taskfeed Boards and from the list, click the Board name you wish to delete.
  2. The Board's record page will open. Click  on the page-level controls.
  3. Select Delete.

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