Taskfeed External Sharing: Overview

External Sharing for Taskfeed

“External Sharing” is a feature that allows you to collaborate even further using Taskfeed. Once enabled, you can make Tasks available to people outside of Salesforce, such as your customers, using the External Sharing and Calendar Sync features. You can customize which tasks you want your customers to see, include your own branding and colors.

What's the Difference Between External Sharing and Community?

Taskfeed Boards can be shared with people outside of your internal Salesforce organization via External Sharing or through a Salesforce Community.

External Sharing grants visibility to a Taskfeed Board via a unique URL that is generated per Board. It’s a great first step to increase engagement with your customers and partners. Anyone who is given the URL to the Board can see it - no username or password is necessary, but visitors have view-only permissions to the Board. They cannot mark tasks as complete, upload files or post updates to Board team members.

When Taskfeed is used in a Community, your customers or partners can visit the plan you have prepared for them, see changes and updates in real time, complete tasks, interact with your team using Chatter, upload attachments, receive Task notifications and much more.

How External Sharing Works

External Sharing is a feature that is not enabled out of the box and must be configured by you or someone with Salesforce System Administrator privileges in your Organization.

When External Sharing is enabled, your Taskfeed Tasks can be made available outside of Salesforce through a unique URL created using “Force.com Sites”. By integrating this Salesforce feature with Taskfeed, you can then share this public URL without requiring users to log in to Salesforce with a username or password.

External Calendar Sync

When External Sharing is enabled in your Salesforce organization, a unique web link will be generated for each Taskfeed user. This URL will include the user’s Tasks in a format that can be imported into their own calendar apps such as Outlook, Apple Calendar, or Google Calendar. This web link should be kept private to the individual, as anyone with the link will be able to see data relating to their Tasks.

Sharing Boards with External Sharing

When External Sharing is available, a unique web link can be generated for each Board. This URL is unique to the user that has generated the link. The link can then be shared with external users who will be granted read-only access.

 System Requirements & Considerations

Please read the following considerations before opting-in to "Public Share Services"

  • Taskfeed External Sharing is available for Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition customers only. The feature requires setting up Salesforce Sites.
    ⚠️ External Sharing is not currently supported for Salesforce Group, Essentials or Professional Editions.

  • "External Sharing" requires one full Taskfeed Licence to be assigned to a "Public Share Service" user. A license for External Sharing is included in Taskfeed Launch, Growth and Enterprise plans.

  • Opt-in to this feature will enable external access to your tasks as described above. This introduces a potential risk of external users trying to guess or programmatically attempting to gain access to task information. Only share this link on a need-basis and with trusted users.

  • Enabling External Sharing is done entirely at your own risk. If you are unsure about enabling External Sharing, you should discuss this within your organization.

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