Taskfeed 9 - Release Notes

Taskfeed 9 dramatically improves how you interact with your tasks and brings new ways to collaborate with customers and partners (Beta). Find out how to upgrade.

Make sure you take a look at the Upgrade Steps to see if there are any changes you need to consider.

View Task Detail Faster

Taskfeed 9 brings a whole new way to view and update your task details, we call it the Record Detail Pane. The new Record Detail Pane extends the capability of the Chatter sidebar. When you select a Task it will load (very quickly) into the sidebar along with the Tasks Chatter Feed, Checklists, Files and Time. You can toggle between the Record Detail Pane and the Chatter Pane.

The new Record Detail Pane in Taskfeed 9

The new Record Detail Pane is available in all views including the Plan view

The Record Detail Pane is resizable. As you adjust the width of the Pane the contents adjust their layout responsively.

Share via link (Beta)

Board Sharing options have been extended to allow you to now share Boards with anyone via a link. This option will generate a link that allows anyone to open it. Board will be "view only" when shared via a link. Request access to the Beta by contacting support@taskfeedapp.com.

Share via Link available from the Board Sharing Options screen in Taskfeed. Simply copy the link then share with your customer, partner or colleague.

Note: "Share by link" is available to Enterprise Salesforce customers and above. This is due to a feature required for "Share by link" called Force.com Sites which is not available with Group or Professional Edition.

Indirect Board Sharing

When you create your Boards linked to Salesforce Account, Opportunities or other objects, you can now with share the Board based upon someones access to the related record. This is great for organizations with complex Account, Opportunity or Custom Object Sharing Rules. With Indirect Board Sharing you simply tell Taskfeed that you want the access to the Board to be defined based on a Lookup field and Taskfeed will then make sure that everyone with access to that record can also see the Board.

Other improvements

Description of other improvements in Taskfeed 9.


Taskfeed filters have been updated so you can now search for Tasks as you start typing. Previously as you start typing filter suggestions were made by Taskfeed and the filter was only applied once the filter was selected. 

This change makes finding task much faster. Searching will work for the Name, Category, Owner and Custom Labels.

This change means there are now two ways to find the tasks important to you. 
  • "Search": This is the as-you-type mode where by tasks not matching the filter will be hidden. Search is available in Board, Table, Due Date and Inbox views.
  • "Filter": This is the classic filter mode whereby selecting a filter criteria will persist as you navigate. Task that do not match the filter will be ghosted out. Sticky filter is available in all views.

Default Account and Opportunity Lookup Fields on Board 

To make getting started with Taskfeed even easier we now ship Taskfeed with a standard Account and Opportunity Lookup. 

If you are already using Taskfeed and have created your own Account and Opportunity fields then do not worry. You can remove access to the standard Account and Opportunity fields and it will be just like they do not exist.

Copy Board Lookup fields to Task Lookup fields

Use the Board fieldset "Filed Copy Fieldset". Fields added to this field set will be copied from the Board to the Board's Tasks when there is a matching field on the Task. 

E.g. If you link your Board to an Account using a lookup Account__c then add this field to the "Field Copy Fieldset" and Taskfeed will copy this value to a matching field on the Task object. Note: The Task and the Board field must have the same developer/API name.

Role Based Owner Lookup Action

New Process Builder action to make it easier to assign tasks automatically based on a corresponding User Lookup Table. 

An example of this could be a Board related to an Account, Opportunity or Case. You can configure the Role Based Owner Lookup Action to assign the Task owner based on a Task custom field matching the Account/Opportunity/Case Team Role.

All Changes

The following list describe all the changes made in Taskfeed 9. These include improvements to make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features

  • New: Ability to Share Board via link (see above for more information)
  • New: Inbox sections Upcoming and Later are configurable using Custom Setting. By default Upcoming will show tasks from the next 10 working days, and Later will show tasks from the next 90 working days.
  • New: Option on List to hide Tasks from Inbox
  • New: Copy Board lookup fields to Task lookups fields
  • New: Ability to Select All Tasks at a List level and Board level when in the Board view
  • New: Role Based Owner Lookup Action
  • New: Delete or Archive from Record Detail Pane
  • New: Schedule task screen from Due Date label and Record Detail Pane
  • New: Fieldset for customising fields shown in the Record Detail Pane: "Taskfeed Record Detail Pane". This field set can be added to any object for Taskfeed to use these fields in the Record Detail Pane.

Changes to features or behaviour

  • Change: Create New Board now uses new modal window
  • Change: Create New Board will automatically open Board Sharing Options when Board is created
  • Change: Filter as you type
  • Removed: "friendly" messaged from Daily Summary Emails
  • Change: Calendar Sync security improvements. The unique URL is now even stronger this will mean you will need to re-subscribe to your Calendar
  • Change: Task Template StartDate column now uses Business Days
  • Change: Reply to Chatter posts in the Chatter Sidebar
  • Change: Drag-and-drop file upload now support multiple files
  • Change: When a task is Marked as Complete it will be moved to the First Complete List not the Last Complete List
  • Change: BusinessDays class now available via TaskfeedApexAPI
  • Change: Action column removed from Table view in favour of action bar in Record Detail Pane
  • Change: Task Name, Start, End and Duration inline edit in Plan view removed in favour of Record Detail Pane
  • Change: Task Owner Profile Picture in Plan and Board views will now open the Change Owner modal
  • Change: Checkboxes now visible to allow multi-select task in Board, Due Date and Inbox view
  • Change: Default Board Types on install is now Team and Project

Bug Fixes

  • Bug: Fix for User Settings in Communities
  • Bug: Fix for scrolling horizontally while dragging a task card
  • Bug: Fix for scrolling list vertically while dragging a task card
  • Bug: Tasks from Archived Boards will be hidden from your Task Inbox

Patch Release, 9.21 - 28 July 2016

Changed to feature or behaviour

  • Bulk email notifications!
  • New style for daily summary emails and notifications
  • List field in the edit modal is now a picklist rather than a lookup field
  • Category field in the edit modal is now a picklist rather than a lookup field
  • When selecting Start Date inedit modal the End Date is set automatically
  • Search will now find Tasks by Contributor name
  • Selecting Task Bar in Plan view will load details in Record Detail pane, previously there was no action
  • Plan view row highlighted when record shown in Record Detail Pane
  • Loading overlay when switching records in Record Detail Pane
  • "Guests" accessing Taskfeed via Share via link do not see the sidebar context options
  • Add Owner, Task Contributor, Board Contributor will now only suggest Active Salesforce Users
  • Edit Time Log from the Record Detail Pane
  • Only users explicitly shared as "Board Contributors" will be shown at the top right of the Board. All users shared will be accessible from the Board Sharing modal screen.
  • Adding Checklist items is less jittery and does not cause sidebar to reload
  • New style for drag-and-drop highlighting when assigning users to tasks in Board view
  • More descriptive info messages when there is no Board selected or no task in the sidebar
  • Improved task selected across all views

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a task from the sidebar would cause an error
  • Fix overlapping labels in the task cards
  • Action buttons visibility respect List options
  • Resolved issue with broken link in Daily Summary Email
  • Resolved issue loading Record Detail pane when user does not have access to related Object
  • Resolved issue with Tasks being shown in an incorrect Order when all having the same due date
  • Resolved issue with Start and End Date being incorrect in Gantt view for some users
  • When tasks schedule are re-calculated Completed and Archived Tasks are skipped
  • Text labels and content of sidebar is now selectable

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