Customize which fields show when editing a Task

Customize the fields that appear in the Quick Edit Screen of Taskfeed. The Quick Edit Screen is broken into two sections:
  1. The main form, this is for the most common fields

  2. Advanced Options, this is for fields and settings that will not be needed most of the time

You are able to add your Custom Fields to either of these sections, you can even move fields from one section to another. To edit these layouts follow these steps:
  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects
  • Select the Taskfeed Task object
  • Find the Fieldsets called Edit Modal Fields and Edit Modal Fields (Hidden Options), I will let you guess which is which :)
  • Select Edit alongside the one you wish to add your field, this will open the Fieldset Layout Editor
  • From the Fieldset Editor you are able to drag and drop a field from the top container to the fieldset canvas. 
  • The vertical order of the Field Set list indicates the order of how the fields are displayed.
  • To remove a field from the field set, drag the element back to the object palette, or click the Remove icon icon next to the element.
  • To make a field required, double click the element or click the wrench icon (Wrench icon) next to it and select the Required checkbox.
  • You can read more about editing field sets within the Salesforce documentation.
  • Once you have made you changes select Save.

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