Restart Background Processes

Sometimes you may be asked to reset some background processes in Taskfeed. To do this ask your Salesforce System Administrator to follow these steps.

We are going to remove and then restart some background jobs that Taskfeed uses for various features:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Jobs > Scheduled Jobs
  2. Find and Delete Archive Taskfeed Tasks
  3. Find and Delete Email Daily Summary
  4. Find and Delete Inbox Due Date
  5. Navigate to Taskfeed tab, then select User Setting from the left hand menu
  6. In your browser, change the part of the URL that shows /UserSettings to /Settings
  7. This will now load the Taskfeed settings page
  8. You should see sections for Task Archive Process, Task Inbox, and Daily Summary.
  9. Against each of these select the Schedule button, as you do this you should see a confirmation to show that the job is now scheduled
If you have any difficulties then contact for assistance.

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