Not receiving Email Notifications?

If you find that Email notifications are not being received then you can follow these steps to try and identify the issue.
  1. Check that your Notifications are configured to receive Email Notifications.
  2. Ensure that you have a Taskfeed permission set assigned.
  3. Ask a colleague to create a new task and assign that task to you (assuming you have subscribed to "Assigned Owner" notifications). 
If you still do not receive an email then ask your Salesforce System Administrator to follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Logs > Email Log Files
  2. Select Request an Email Log
  3. Set the Start Time to Today and just a few minutes before your colleague assigned the task to you
  4. Leave the End Time as now
  5. Enter your email address in the Include only emails that are addressed to or from: field.

    Note: This should be the email address associated with you Salesforce User 

  6. Select Submit Request, then wait for the report notification to be emailed
  7. Once you receive the Report Notification you can download the report. 
If you see the email event listed in this log then the email was sent from Taskfeed and may have got stuck in your junk folder. If you do not see any evidence in this log then the notification did not fire properly. If this is the case then contact for assistance.

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