Create & Customize Board Types

Create, Rename or Delete Board Types

Taskfeed comes with one Board type out-of-box: Team. A Board Type helps to identify and report on the kind of business process associated with each Board. Criteria that can be associated with any Board Type is as follows:

  • Name

  • Templates (List/Task)

  • Board Process (Board Process/RecordType Name)

  • Board Owner (Owner Rule/Board Queue

  • Field Sets (Board/Task Field Set)

The standard Board Type that comes with Taskfeed can be renamed to best represent the type of work your team will be managing in Taskfeed. For example: if you want to manage tasks around Events you can rename Team to Event.

It is also possible to create additional Board Types, for example, Customer Onboarding.

Salesforce Permissions Required:

To Create, Edit or Delete Board Types: Permission to access the Setup menu and Customize Application.

⚠️ Before creating a new “Board Type” first make sure the value exists within the Taskfeed Board object. For example “Customer Onboarding

  1. Create Rename or Delete a Board Type Value

The name you choose to label a Board Type should be easy to identify that business process. This name helps users identify the type of process involved when manually creating a new Board. It also acts as a helpful label when you define Sharing Rules and process automation based on Board Types.

To create, rename or delete a Board Type follow steps as follows:

  • Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Objects then select Taskfeed Board

  • Select Custom Fields and Relationships | Click on the field called Type.

  • Scroll to the Values section

  • Click New to create a new Board Type

  • Click Edit to rename an existing Board Type

  • Last to delete a value, click Delete instead of Edit.

  • Save

Setting Up a New Board Type Record

  • Select Taskfeed Board Type tab on the navigation bar or through Salesforce App Launcher.

  • To view or update any preexisting Board Types select “All” list view

  • To create a new type click New

  • Each Board Type can have its own process, default templates, Board color, Owner Role, etc: Fill in all applicable options for each board type

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