Edit My Personal Notifications

Receive In-app or Email notifications when a task is assigned to you, marked as complete or when contributors post to Chatter. Notifications make it easier to stay on top of your Tasks. You can opt to receive in-app and email notifications. Each user can manage their notification settings from My Settings in the Taskfeed tab.

Managing My Personal Notification Settings

1. From the Taskfeed tab located in the lower-left corner of Taskfeed Board is a wrench icon. Click the icon and select My Settings.

2. From the Notifications section, select the types of notification you would like to receive.

3. Click Save.

In-app notifications are ideal for those of us who live and breathe Taskfeed. The notification icon will alert you when there is a new notification.

Select the notification icon to open your in-app notifications, which show information about the related task just as you would see in your inbox. Double click each task card to open the task or dismiss the notifications once you have read them.

Notifications are automatically dismissed overnight. There is a daily summary email that highlights upcoming and overdue tasks along with an overview of your notifications from the previous day.

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