Taskfeed 8 - Release Notes

Taskfeed 8 brings entirely new ways to work with tasks and projects in Taskfeed. Taskfeed is now available for Gmail, Outlook and in your Calendar. The new Due Date view lets you focus on what's next.


Receive In-app or Email notification when tasks are assigned to you, completed or when colleagues post to Chatter. Notifications make it easier to stay on top of your Tasks. You can opt to receive in app notifications or email notifications. Each user can manage their own notification settings from a new User Settings menu in the Taskfeed menu.

In-app notifications are ideal for those of us who live and breath Taskfeed. The new notification bell will alert you when there is a new notification.

Selecting the notification bell will open your notifications. The notification show rich information about the related task just as you would see in your inbox. You are able to double click each task card to action the task or simply dismiss the notifications once read.

Notification are automatically dismissed overnight. There is a daily summary email which highlights upcoming and overdue tasks along with a summary of your notifications from the previous day.

Taskfeed Inbox App for Gmail and Outlook

We always wanted to bring Taskfeed to your inbox. With the announcement of Inbox Apps from Cirrus Insight this has been possible. The Task Inbox app brings Taskfeed project management workflow seamlessly into thousands of Gmail and Microsoft Outlook inboxes.

Calendar Sync

Sync your Taskfeed tasks to your own calendar. Calendar Sync works with with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, most modern versions of Outlook, and calendar apps that allow you to subscribe by URL. When you enable Calendar Sync users can grab a unique URL to import their Taskfeed Tasks in their calendar app of choice. The initial sync to your calendar will be instant, updates to due dates may take a while to reach your calendar depending on which app you use. Calendar sync is one-way, as Due Dates change in Taskfeed they will be updated on your Calendar, however you cannot make edits from your calendar app.

Note: Calendar Sync is available to Enterprise Salesforce customers and above. This is due to a feature required for Calendar Sync called Force.com Sites which is not available with Group or Professional Edition.

All Changes

The following list describe all the changes made since Taskfeed 6. These include improvements make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • New pull down menu for selecting view such as Inbox, Board, Due Date, Plan and Table
  • New Due Date view showing tasks grouped into sections
  • Widened the task name in Plan view
  • Layout change to Task Card, shaded bottom action bar
  • Task Card selection represented with colored dot
  • Fixed bug with sorting in the table view
  • Name of the Task no longer links to the standard Salesforce detail page layout. This can be accessed via a pop-out icon by the name in the pop-up window

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