5. Configure Taskfeed: Scheduling Preferences

Defining Your Organization’s Scheduling Preferences

Taskfeed Scheduling Settings

Scheduling preferences for Taskfeed can be defined and customized at the Organization level by Salesforce Administrators.

Adjusting the scheduling settings to working days when applicable is particularly helpful to avoid tasks being unintentionally scheduled on a weekend and to accurately base the project's timeline and duration on work days.

Most businesses schedule their work week around Monday through Friday.  

To configure your Organization’s Taskfeed Scheduling preferences:


To configure installed packages:

Customize Application

  1. Go to Setup and enter Installed Packages in the Quick Find search box.

  2. Select Installed Packages

  3. Find Taskfeed in the list of Installed Packages and click Configure

  4. Go to the Scheduling tab.

Taskfeed Business Days

The Business Days setting in Taskfeed is used to automatically calculate the duration, due dates, and lead/lag (days) according to your Organization’s working days. Defining Business Days is optional and when left blank, it will automatically schedule tasks around 7-day work days, or calendar days, including bank holidays.

To automatically schedule days based on your organization’s working days, Business Days can be specified with one of the following:

Set Business Days from Monday to Friday

Most businesses schedule their work week around Monday through Friday.  

  1. Enter MONFRI in the Business Days field.

  2. Click Save.

Setting Business Days with Custom Business Hours

If your organization’s working days or scheduling preferences fall outside of full calendar days or  a Monday to Friday workweek, e.g., if your company does not operate on Fridays, or it requires to skip bank holidays, Salesforce Administrators can set custom Business Hours in Salesforce and then enter the Salesforce Id of the Business Hours in the Taskfeed Business Days field.

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