Taskfeed 7 - Release Notes

Taskfeed 7 is the biggest enhancement yet with multiple owners on Tasks, personal Task priority and inbox along with a list of other new features that make task management in Salesforce miles better than what you had before.

Enhanced Plan View Controls

We heard from a number of power users that you love living in the plan view but there wasn't quite enough to get everything done like you can in the Board view. We have listened and it is now much faster to interact with Tasks in the plan view. Easily edit Task name, and key dates inline and watch the plan recalculate in real-time.

The left column of the plan view is now packed with controls:

There is also a pull down with more options next to the Owner:

Task Contributors

One of the most requested features has always been to allow more than one owner on a Task. This is now possible with Taskfeed 7. Task Contributors can be used to show different people working on the Task. There is still a Task owner as there tends to be one person who is responsible or accountable. 

Example Task Card showing one owner and two contributors:

When dragging a Board Contributor onto a Task there are now two drop areas, one for Owner which will replace the Owner and one for Contributors which will add that person as a Contributor:

Contributors are listed within the Task Detail Popup:

Task Inbox

Taskfeed has always been great at showing project and project priorities but there was never a simple view of all the Tasks assigned to me. This is the Task Inbox. When a Task is assigned to you as the Owner or Contributor then it will appear in your Task Inbox. Your Inbox lets you organise the Tasks outside of their project priority to enable you to better manage your workload. You have the option to mark a Task as something you will work on Today or in the future.

Task Inbox is accessed from the left hand menu, you will notice a badge count for tasks you are working on Today and tasks in your Inbox:

Your Task Inbox is split into 4 sections: 
  • Inbox, those tasks that have been assigned to you recently
  • Today, tasks you have identified that you will work on today
  • Upcoming, task that you will be working on soon
  • Later, tasks that you are not sure when you will get around to them
You are able to prioritise your own Task list within these four groups. When you have Due Dates assigned to the Tasks they will automatically bubble up from Later to Upcoming when the Task is due in 5 business days and to Today when the Task is due Today.

All Changes

The following list describe all the changes made since Taskfeed 6. These include improvements make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Additional fields shown in left column of Plan View
  • Fields in the left column of Plan View are now editable
  • Options pull down next to Task owner in left column of Plan view. This allows you to assign an Owner from the Board contributors, log time, and complete the task
  • Bar labels smaller on plan view
  • Checklists can now be assigned to a particular user. The user must be a Task Contributor
  • Drag a Task on-to a Board in the left hand menu to move it between Boards
  • Black dot alongside the Board in the menu identified there are Tasks assigned to you
  • Red dot alongside the Board in the menu identifies there are overdue Tasks assigned to you
  • Tasks Contributors, Tasks can be assigned to multiple users
  • Drag and drop targets to assign owner and assign contributor
  • Is Contributor field on Task for reporting and filtering views
  • Category label added as a standard label
  • Owner label added as a standard label
  • Fixed support for special characters and apostrophes in a number of places such as plan view and checklists
  • The Board owner is now able to remove Board Contributors using a small cross in the Board Contributor list on the Board
  • Custom Labels cannot have a space in the name. This was previously not validated.
  • Enhancements to hover animation in left menu and for Task Cards
  • Task Inbox (numerous)
  • Multi Select drag and drop, click on a Task and then select another holding the Cntrl or Command key. This works in Board view and your Inbox for dragging Tasks between Lists and Sections
  • When a Task is marked as complete then it will be moved to the next 'Complete' List
  • When a Task is moved from a 'Complete' List to another List then it will be re-opened
  • When marking a Task as Complete the background will animate to celebrate you are one step closer to finishing all your tasks :)
  • Rounded the corners a little and added some depth using shadows to provide a softer feel, hope you like
  • Full screen option to easily move between the Salesforce view and the Full screen view, this option is found at the bottom of the left menu

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