Taskfeed 6 - Release Notes

Taskfeed 6 brings a whole new way to navigate between Taskfeed Boards. Upgrade from the AppExchange today.

Improved Board Navigation

We all love the Board Switcher (what we call the old hover sidebar) but now we actually have a fully functional left hand side bar menu.

The menu Board menu can be open or closed. This is controlled by the new Boards menu button in the Taskfeed action bar. The new Board menu is resizable so you can see as much or as little as your prefer. As today you can view multiple boards as swimlanes. Use the circle next to the specific Board to add it into the view. Once in the view it will appear in the Selected Boards section. The Select Boards section lets you jump to a specific open Board with a click, or remove the Board from the view by unselecting the tick.

The 'My Recent Boards' title can be selected and will offer a few options:
  • My Recent Boards - The last twenty or so Boards you have viewed
  • My Boards - All of the Boards you own that are not archived
  • All Boards - All of the Boards you have access to that are not archived

Template Improvements

Templates allow repeatable projects to be modelled as discrete sets of Tasks and introduced into projects automatically. With Taskfeed 6 we have improved the experience for managing templates by providing much more detailed validation. This helps to ensure your Template is functioning as expected and speeds up the process of making changes to templates. 

ACTION REQUIRED: Please note the improvements to Templates requires a small change by your Salesforce Admin. 
Navigate to the Setup menu of Salesforce Setup > Create Object > Taskfeed Templates Scroll to the Page Layouts section of this page You should see two Page Layouts, 'Taskfeed Template Layout' and 'Taskfeed Template Page Layout (October 2015)' Delete the page layout called 'Taskfeed Template Layout', when prompted replace this layout with 'Taskfeed Template Page Layout (October 2015)' That is all.

Other Improvements and Bug fixes

The following improvements make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day.


  • When hovering over a Task in the Board view the predecessor Task is now subtly highlighted too
  • When defining the StartDate within a Taskfeed template you can use negative relevant dates, e.g. TODAY-5 so the Task will start 5 days ago
  • Categories can now be reference by name in Taskfeed Task templates using the column header 'Category'. You can still reference Categories by ID using the column heading 'Category__c'
  • New interface for uploading Templates
  • Ability to replace templates in one step to avoid de-activating, uploading, then re-activating
  • More descriptive feedback when validating a template
  • Jump to a specific Task from the Chatter activity panel by clicking on the post
  • Chatter activity panel can now be filtered by different types of activity (Conversations, Files and links and activity)
  • When logging time you can now override when the time was recorded. This is useful if you forgot to log effort again time yesterday
  • Improved how Due Date and Start/End dates work together. Now when you set the Due Date it will set both Start/End date so it will appear on the plan view. This also works vice versa
  • When assigning a Task to a predecessor the Start and End date will be assigned automatically based upon the Lead/Lag and the Duration
  • Plan view will now show all items even when filtered. When a Task does not match a filter it will be transparent
  • New navigation options from Boards and Lists. Makes navigating between Taskfeed and standard detail view pages much easier
  • Improved support for Validation rule errors when Taks update in Taskfeed
  • Added some tooltips to help your users explore Taskfeed
  • Boards should load a little faster

Bug fixes

  • Fix for an issue where setting the date on the plan view would jump the Task back a day
  • When setting Estimate Hours or Remaining Hours on a Task each will copy to the other, so if you enter Estimate of 2 hours this will be used as the time remaining, if you enter 2 hours remaining this will be used as the Estimate
  • Better support for Communities: 'Go to Board' and 'Open Task on Board' buttons now support Salesforce Communities (Thanks Josh!)

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