Taskfeed 5 - Release Notes

Taskfeed v5.0 is now available bringing Checklists and improved collaboration with a Chatter sidebar. Upgrade from the AppExchange or contact support@taskfeedapp.com for assistance.


Checklists provide a new level of granularity for organising projects in Taskfeed. All too often we just want to remind ourselves of a few things that need to get done to complete a specific activity. Checklists are perfect for this.

Checklists are really easy and fast to add. To create a checklist open the edit pop up in Taskfeed and you will see the new layout including the Checklist section. Just type in a note for something that needs to happen then hit enter and you will start building your checklist.

When you add checklist items to a Task you will see a new label appear on the Task Card showing you how many Items there are and how many have been completed. (Note: If you are not seeing the checklist label appear on the Task card then you will need to configure your Lists and List Templates. There is a new option called 'Show Checklist Count').

Checklists can also be defined within Task Templates so that your Tasks are automatically created with a list of items that are needed to be done. This is achieved using the new 'Checklists' column heading. In your template 
separate your checklist items with a #. e.g. "item 1#item 2#item 3#item 4". When the template is processed by Taskfeed the Task will be created with the four checklist items.

Chatter Sidebar

Taskfeed has always been great for collaboration. In this release, collaboration gets even better. There is a new sidebar on the right of Taskfeed which shows all of the conversations in Chatter based upon the view you are currently looking at. The sidebar can be open or collapsed using the Activity icon at the top right of the Taskfeed header.

This first release of the Chatter sidebar does not let you like or make comments, but this will be added shortly.

Other Improvements and Bug fixes

The following improvements make using Taskfeed a little bit nicer to use every day.
  • Recommended filters now a little better at making recommendations about filters on your Board
  • Detail field in the edit pop-up is now much bigger and will grow as you type (sorry this one took a while)
  • New fields to show the number of completed Tasks on the Board including percentage complete and a status overview
  • Resolved issue where Boards with long names would overflow within the Board Switcher

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