Taskfeed 4 - Release Notes

Taskfeed v4.x is now available. Upgrade via the AppExchange or contact support@taskfeedapp.com for assistance.

Major new features and improvement

This release focussed around one key feature, exportable plan view.

Exportable Plan View

You can now export the Plan view to a downloaded PDF. Selecting the Printer icon will open a dialog to begin the process of downloading the current Board. 

Known Limitations:
  • In the current form the exportable view will only export one Board at a time. When viewing the plan in multi-board view the first Board should be selected
  • Dependency arrows are not included in the export

Support within Taskfeed

A new button has been added to Taskfeed to contact Taskfeed Support directly from within the app. Selecting the button will open the support communication panel. From here you will see open and historic conversations with support or you can ask a new question. This can be disabled for some or all users within your org.

Easier screen for creating and editing Custom Labels

Custom Labels have previously been a little complicated to create. The new screen makes this much easier.

Other Improvements and Bug fixes

The following improvements make using Taskfeed just a little bit nicer.

Friday 31st July 2015 - v4.1
  • Resolved issue with scrollbars not appearing when in multi-board view

Thursday 30th July 2015 - v4.0
  • Massive increase in performance when moving between views (Board, Plan and List).
  • Add Tasks from the Plan view: Plus icon added to Board and List rows which launches the Add new task screen.
  • Auto zoom: Magic wand icon will try to adjust the zoom level automatically to show the entire project
  • Add Task screen improvements: Auto focus in name field.
  • Add Task screen improvements: Hitting the enter key on the keyboard will submit the save button
  • Action buttons on List View: Added Complete, Archive, Log Time and Edit action buttons to the List View
  • List view Background reload: Changes happening will be refreshed gently within the List view
  • Enter key press on log time dialog will log time
  • Plan view design enhancement: Row highlighting on hover
  • Changes to Custom Label will force background reload

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