Upgrade Taskfeed Manually

As of the Winter '18 Release (November 2017), Taskfeed will be upgraded automatically to all users by default unless you choose to opt-out of automated upgrades. This article explains how to upgrade Taskfeed manually.

Note: If you have customized Taskfeed with workflows and/or Apex code, we recommend upgrading Taskfeed in a Sandbox to allow testing of these customizations. If you are unsure please contact support@taskfeedapp.com.

To Upgrade Taskfeed Manually:

Salesforce User Permissions needed to Install or Upgrade Taskfeed: Download AppExchange Packages
1. Navigate to Taskfeed on the AppExchange.

2. Log in to the AppExchange using your regular Salesforce login credentials.

3. Click Get It Now to install the upgrade as you would install any other package from the AppExchange.

4. If a newer version is available, the first page of the Install Wizard will list the current version you have installed, and the version you're about to install.

5. Select 'Install for Admins Only', then click Upgrade.

The upgrade should complete in a few moments.

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