Taskfeed 3 - Release Notes

Taskfeed v3 is now available. Upgrade via the AppExchange or contact support@taskfeedapp.com for assistance.

Major new features and improvement

This release focussed on a number of small enhancements and bug fixes. There was however one new big feature which is zoom within the plan view.


The Taskfeed Plan view is great for scheduling Tasks. This has now been improved by adding 'zoom'. You can now view the plan in 5 different levels of zoom. This is great for running project of varying duration.

Enhancement for time tracking

We found there was often confusion when logging time. It wasn't clear which unit identified where supported and there was not very good validation or feedback to the user when time was being logged. In the new version there a number of enhancements to provide more feedback when logging time and to ensure that what you enter for time spent is properly translated into a duration.

Other Improvements and Bug fixes

Friday 19th June 2015 - v3.5
  • Changed the default Board color to be more modern shade of green
  • When filtering the Plan view the dependencies are now hidden. This s to avoid confusion as it cannot be determined if the dependent tasks are in view
  • Dependencies remain visible when dragging and resizing bars
  • Notification when logging time. When logging time you will receive confirmation notification as well as error notifications if Taskfeed was unable to parse the time you entered.
  • Added an option to show a task label for hours spent alongside hours remaining. This can be configured as an option on each List.
  • Improved rendering of time spent and time remaining. Rather than displaying an hour and a half as '1.5h' it will now be shown as '1h 30m'
  • Support for more time unit identifiers. These are the suffixes you add e.g. '4h' or '4hrs' or '4 hours. Taskfeed how supports the following:
  • days
  • day
  • d
  • hours
  • hour
  • hrs
  • hr
  • h
  • mins
  • min
  • m
  • seconds
  • second
  • secs
  • sec
  • s
Friday 12th June 2015 - v3.4
  • Increased maximum number of Lists from 10 to 12
  • Fixed HTML encoding of Board Names within Board Switcher fro when you have characters like '&' in the name.
  • Fixed Force Owner Assignment, will not only assign when there is not already an Owner
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts
  • Renamed fields in the Log Time modal to improve user experience
  • Renamed the field 'Recorded Hours' on Task to 'Time Spent (Hours)' to be more consistent.
  • Fixed issue where by an error message would appear when adding a contributor
  • Add button removed from bottom of List when in Salesforce1 mobile
  • Improvement to toggling Board Switcher on Salesforce1 mobile, selecting button when open will close, or selecting outside switcher will close
  • When filtering List Task count now show total and filtered total
  • Time log can now be edited from within the Edit pop-out
  • Incremental reload rather than full reload when an edit pop-out is closed to improve performance
  • Minor visual enhancements to the plan view
  • Tasks now shown with a line through when complete in plan view
  • Left panel of the plan view is resizeable, in future releases Taskfeed will remember the position, this will allow additional attributes to be shown in this view for users with larger monitors.
  • Resolved various issues caused by updating Tasks with dependencies
  • Reverted Edit icon on Task to a Pencil in a square - I just cannot make up my mind. Apologies for the confusion
  • Fixed issue when removing a string/text filter by selecting the label
  • Notification messages when an error has occurred
  • New system font Proxima Nova Soft following Salesforce1 style guide

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