Taskfeed 1.77 - Release Notes

This release contains a big change to how Task and List Templates are managed. If you are using Templates I recommend contacting support@taskfeedapp.com to schedule a time to support your upgrade.


You can now link Tasks to a 'Predecessor Task'. When a Task has predecessors its Start and End Date will be pinned to the End of the predecessor. You can use the new Lead/Lag fields to define the offset in days from the End of the predecessor.

New Template Management

Defining Templates for Lists and Tasks was a little bit complicated. This is now easier. From the Taskfeed Template object you can create List or Task Templates and upload the CSV template file. There is a preview to check the contents of the template and to ensure its valid.

When creating a Template you can select the 'Type'. The 'Type' matches a new field on Board also called 'Type'. When creating a new Board a single List and Task template with the corresponding 'Type' will be used. This is great for defining different types of projects with different process and lists, also for automatically adding a base set of Tasks (e.g. Kick off call).

When creating a Template you can mark this as Default. Default will be used when no matching 'Type' template is found.

List Views in Taskfeed

Salesforce allows you to define List Views. For example on the Taskfeed Task tab you can define your own view of Tasks. You can now use these same views in Taskfeed. From the Board Switcher there are now new options based on your Taskfeed Task List Views.

Salesforce Communities

When you are working with a Partner or delivering a project for a Customer you can now provide Read/Write or Read-only access to Taskfeed. Expose the Taskfeed tab and Taskfeed objects to your Salesforce Community.

Bug Fixes

The follows bugs have been fixed.
  • Daylight saving bug causing strang date issues in plan view
  • When logging time at '1' without a unit identified (eg. '1h') then Taskfeed would freak out. Now assumes this is hours.
  • A few internal issues and performance improvements

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