Associate a Task Template with a Board Type

With Taskfeed, you can include a set of Tasks automatically when a new Board is created. You might need various sets of tasks for different types of Boards, depending on the business process involved. Or perhaps you just need to create a blank Board.  

Define Processes Using Board Types

Taskfeed uses Board Types to let you identify the various types of processes that may require a different Board layout in Taskfeed.

Salesforce Administrators can create different Board Types to support your business processes. Taskfeed Admin Users can then associate a Task Template with a Board Type so that its tasks are automatically imported every time a new Board of that type is created.

Taskfeed comes with two Board Types out-of-the-box: Project and Team, but Salesforce Administrators can rename these or create new Board Type values to fit your business requirements.

When a particular Task Template is associated with a Board Type, all tasks from that template will automatically import when a new board of that type is created.

To Associate a Task Template with a Board Type:

  1. From the App Launcher, select the Taskfeed Templates tab.

  2. Change the List View to “All Task Templates.”

  3. Find an existing template* and click Edit. If you have Inline editing, hover over the template you want to edit and under the Board Type column, click on the pencil . You can also double-click on the cell to edit.

  4. Choose from an existing Board Type option, other than "--None--".

  5. Click Save.

*if no templates have been created, here's how to prepare a new template and upload it to Taskfeed Templates.

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