Create Tasks from Gmail with Cirrus Insight (Non-Inbox App)

These instructions explain how to create a Taskfeed Task from Cirrus Insight. There is now a newer option called Taskfeed Inbox App which embeds Taskfeed directly within Cirrus Insight. You can find out more about this here. The instruction for installing the Inbox App are found here.

Configuring Salesforce and Taskfeed to work with Cirrus Insight

The following instructions assume that you have Cirrus Insight set-up and already have Taskfeed installed.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Taskfeed Tasks
  2. Select Edit, then select Allow Activities, then Save
  3. Next edit the Taskfeed Task Layout to add Open Activities and Activity History related lists.
  4. Then navigate to Setup > Customise > Chatter > Feed Tracking.
  5. Find Taskfeed Task from the list of objects on the left
  6. Enable Feed Tracking if is not already, then enable for All Related Objects and select Save 
You have now configured Taskfeed and Salesforce to allow Tasks to be created from Cirrus Insight in Gmail.

Creating a Taskfeed Task from Gmail

  1. From within Gmail with Cirrus Insight installed open an email and you will see the orange Cirrus Insight action button.

  2. Select the action button, and choose Add to Salesforce
  3. From the Add to Salesforce window ensure that Related Person is set to Contact (not Lead), you can optionally link the activity to a Contact but you may leave this blank
  4. Against the Related Record option select Choose
  5. You will be offered a list of Salesforce objects, select Taskfeed Task

  6. You now have the option to search to an existing Taskfeed Task to log the email to or create a new Taskfeed Task
  7. Select New, then a pop-up will appear with the mandatory fields for a Taskfeed Task.

  8. You may use the cog icon to add additional fields to this layout within Cirrus Insight. This is particularly useful if you want to include the Due Date or your own custom fields. I have added Due Date, Category and Detail fields.
  9. Enter the name of your Taskfeed Task
  10. Lookup the Board by searching another pop-up will show search results
  11. Next lookup the List you want to add the Task too, if multiple results are returned you can check the correct List by hovering to see more detail

  12. Select Save within the Add Taskfeed Task pop-up, and then Save again on the Add to Salesforce window to create the Taskfeed Task and then log the email to that Task.
  13. The Task has been created and logged in Taskfeed
  14. If we navigate to the Sales Opportunity Board we can now see the Task that we created from Gmail.
  15. Then if you double click to open the Task you can see the Task notification in the Chatter Feed.

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