2. Create a Taskfeed Board Automatically

Taskfeed Boards can be created manually from the Taskfeed tabfrom the  Taskfeed Boards tab, from a custom button or action or automatically, when triggered by another event in Salesforce.

⚠️This article explains how admins can configure a process using Lightning Process Builder where Boards are created automatically from another event in Salesforce.  If you are not familiar or haven't used Process Builder before, read this Trailhead Module first.

Create a Board Automatically Using Process Builder

 Sample Process

To guide you through these steps, we will define a process to create a Taskfeed Board (with a set of predefined tasks from a template*) automatically when an Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed/Won.

 *Tip: Instead of creating a blank board, you can create a board with a predefined set of Tasks using a Task Template.  Create your first Task Template
  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Process Builder.

  2. Click New.

  3. Give the New Process a Name. We suggest you include the word “Taskfeed:” followed by the process to distinguish this from other processes in Salesforce.

  4. Select A Record Changes.” option for “The Process Starts When:.” This applies to most processes using Taskfeed unless an existing process will trigger it.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click the +Add Object element. Select the object you want to define. In this example, the object is Opportunity.

  7. For "Start the Process” select “when a record is created or edited.”

  8. Click Save.

  9. Next, click + Add Criteria.

  10. For Criteria Name, give a short descriptive name. In this case, we will type “Is Won”.

  11. Choose one of the options for the Criteria for Executing Actions. For this example, we will use “Conditions are met”.

  12. Set Conditions: find the field related to the criteria you want to meet. Our example is using:

    1. Field:  [Opportunity]Stage-Name

    2. Operator: Equals

    3. Type: Picklist

    4. Value: Closed/Won

  13. Conditions:All of the Conditions are met (And)”.

  14. Click Save.

  15. Next, + Add Action.

  16. For Action Type, select Create a Record.

  17. For Action Name, type “Create a Board.”

  18. For Record Type, select Taskfeed Board.

  19. Set Field Values: these will be fields relevant to the action and the type of record you will be creating. For this example, we used:

Set Field Values:
















  • Notice that for Type, there is a particular Board Type associated with this process (“Project”). It also means that if a Task Template is associated with the Project Board Type, then the Board will also be created with a predefined set of tasks. 

20. Click Save.

21. At the top of the screen, click Activate Process.

The Process is now ready.


To see the new Board and a related list with Taskfeed Tasks in the Opportunity (or your chosen object) Page: 
  • Configure the Page Layout to Include Taskfeed Objects and its Related Lists.

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