Create Custom Fields in Taskfeed

Taskfeed is built on top of Salesforce so supports all the great features including Custom Fields. You can create your own custom fields on Taskfeed objects like Boards, Lists, and Tasks.

Custom fields can be added to Task for identifying different types of Tasks or for relating Tasks to Salesforce records like Custom Objects.

Important to Know:

When you create a custom field in Taskfeed Task or Taskfeed Board, the field will be added to the page layout by default. To display the custom field in either the Edit pop-up windows and the detail side pane in Taskfeed, you must also add them to their respective Field Sets
Learn More: Adding Fields to Taskfeed Field Sets

Use Cases: 

To track the priority of the Tasks within Taskfeed, create a custom picklist field on Taskfeed Task to prioritize tasks as either Low, Normal or High, for instance. 

Add rich, formatted text to your Tasks or Boards, include hyperlinks and images.

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