Adding a Custom Field to a Task

Taskfeed is built on top of Salesforce so supports all the great features including Custom Fields. You can create your own custom fields on Taskfeed objects like Boards, Lists, and Tasks.

Custom fields can be added to Task for identifying different types of Tasks or for relating Tasks to Salesforce records like Custom Objects. If you are looking to integrate Taskfeed with a Custom Object we recommend contacting and we can guide you through this.

Add a Custom Field on Task

We want to track the severity of the Tasks we create within Taskfeed. We would like to record a severity of either Low, Normal or High. To do this we can create a Custom Field.

The following steps describe how to create a custom Picklist and then add this field to the Page Layouts
  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects
  • Select the Taskfeed Task object
  • Scroll to the Custom Fields and Relationships section and select New
  • Select the type of field, in this case it will be a Picklist, then select Next
  • Enter a field Label and Name
  • Enter values for the picklist, then select Next
  • Define your Field Level Security (who should see this field) then select Next
  • Select the Task Page Layouts for the field to appear, then select Save
You have just created a custom Picklist type field on the Taskfeed Task object. The next step is to add this fields to all the places in Taskfeed where you can see and edit the Task fields, like the side pane and the edit screen.

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