Configure Taskfeed for the Salesforce Mobile App

Taskfeed is designed to work on the go with the Salesforce mobile application (previously known as Salesforce1). 

Here's how to add Taskfeed to the Salesforce mobile app:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Mobile Administration > Mobile Navigation
  2. Select the "Taskfeed1" menu item from the list of Available items
  3. Select the "Add" button to move "Taskfeed1" into the selected list of items
  4. Use the Up and Down arrows to move Taskfeed to most appropriate position (I recommend just after Feed)
  5. Select "Save"
  6. You can test Taskfeed by navigating to * or by opening the Salesforce1 mobile app on your smartphone or tablet
  7. Select the 'hamburger" menu icon to pull open the menu, there you should see Taskfeed1 app icon
  8. If you do not see Taskfeed listed then you may need to "pull down" on the menu to reload the menu items alternatively logging out and back into the app will reload the menu options.

To improve the performance and usability of the mobile app, some features are disabled or may behave slightly differently. Such as:
  • Filters and custom labels are disabled for mobile
  • Plan view is not yet optimized for mobile or tablet
  • Task Card drag is performed using the handle icon to allow touch scrolling of Lists. 

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