Customize Taskfeed Lists

Taskfeed Lists contain controls for the behavior, workflow and even the presentation of Tasks within the List. Lists can be customized for each Board to work individually for just that process.

To edit the List setting navigate to the "Taskfeed Board" tab, then select the Board you wish to configure Lists within. From the Board screen scroll down to the "Taskfeed Lists" related list. From this list, you can create a new Taskfeed List, Edit an existing List or Delete an existing List.

Note: When deleting an existing List all Taskfeed Tasks assigned to that List will also be removed.


The name determines the label which will appear at the top of the List in the Board view. This label could be a step in a workflow (Qualified, Negotiation), a stage of a process (In Progress, In Review) or the name of a Queue or anything else you would like to organize and prioritize tasks.


The Order is a numeric value to determine the order from Left to Right in which the Lists will appear on the board.

Task Constraint

The Task Constraint value enables a process flow constraint to be applied to the List. This value counts the number of Tasks in the List and will change the color of the Task Count label on that list. This visual feedback can be valuable in focussing and prioritizing tasks.

The Constraint never blocks the process but provides visual feedback in the Board view. If the number of tasks is below Task Constraint, then the label will be Green. If the value is equal, it will be amber; and if the number of Tasks is greater than the Task Constraint, the label will be red.

The Task Constraint value may also be used for reporting and for Workflow rules to trigger alerts when the number of Tasks in the List is greater than the Constraint.

Force Ownership

When selected, Tasks assigned to the List without an owner will be allocated to the current user.

Zero Remaining Hours

When selected, any remaining hours assigned to the Task will be set to zero when assigning to the List. This is useful for an end state list.

Show Quick Create

Quick Create refers to the new task input field that can appear at the bottom of a List in the Board view. This option controls the visibility of this input field and button. 

Move Due Date with End Date

When using the Gantt or Plan view, your Tasks can have three different dates describing when they will start and end. That can be confusing and difficult to maintain. This option will keep the Deadline and the End Date in sync. Use this option if you want these dates to represent the same goal.

Alternatively, unselect this option to allow your team to set a Deadline and then schedule the Start and End Date. Reports can be used to identify where your Tasks will be delivered too close or after the Deadline.

Enable Archive

When selected, the Task will be queued for Archiving as soon as it moves to the selected List. 

Archive after... days

A numeric value used in conjunction with Enable Archive to delay archiving by a set number of Days. It can be particularly useful for a final state column where you may want Tasks visible for a few days after they are completed.

Hide Tasks from List View

When selected the Tasks within this List will now be shown in the List view. This can be useful for final stage Lists or non-prioritized Lists.

Hide Tasks from Plan View

When selected the Tasks within this List will now be shown in the Plan view. This can be useful for final stage Lists or non-prioritized Lists.

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