Create Your First Board

Get started with Taskfeed by creating your first Board.

  1. From the App Launcher, navigate to the Taskfeed app and select the Taskfeed tab.
  2. Click the blue Board icon in the Taskfeed navigation bar to expand the sidebar menu and scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  3. Click + New Board.
  4. Provide a Name for your Board.
  5. Select a Board Type.

Tip: Taskfeed comes with Project and Team Board Types out-of-the-box. This identifies the kind of process related to the Board. You can rename or create additional Board Types to fit your business requirements.

The remaining fields are optional.

6. Click Save.

Manage All Boards from a List View

From the Taskfeed App, click the Taskfeed Boards tab to view and manage all Taskfeed boards.

  •  Select a different View and you will be able to inline edit or delete fields from a List View.
  • Click on a Board's name to go to its Record Detail Page.

In a Board's Detail Page, you can view and edit additional elements such as Lists, Tasks and Team Members.


(1) Edit Lists

Click Edit next to a List Name to modify the Order the List appears on the Board, rename it, change the background color and other customization settings. 

(2)Create and Edit Tasks

Click New Taskfeed Task to create a task from this page and configure its features such as schedule and dependencies.

(3) Create Sharing Rules

By default, only you and team members you add to a Board can see the board and its tasks. From the Board's record, create a Sharing Rule to include all members of a certain role, Public Groups etc to that individual Board.

You can separately create Sharing Rules for all Boards of a certain type:
  1. Go to: Setup > Security Controls > Sharing Settings > Taskfeed Board Sharing Rules 
  2. Create a new rule Based on criteria and select Type as a criteria field filter.

(4) Start Using the Board

The best way to start managing a Board and tracking Tasks is on the Taskfeed tab. Click Go to board... and it will take you straight to the Board View.

How to Delete a Board

You can delete a Board in the Taskfeed Boards object, from a list view or from the Board's record detail page.
  1. Go to Taskfeed Boards, click next to the cell you want. 
  2. Select Delete.


  1. Go to Taskfeed Boards and from the list, click the Board name you wish to delete.
  2. The Board's record page will open. Click on down arrow the page-level controls.
  3. Select Delete.

Note: Once a Board is deleted, all related Tasks are also deleted.

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