Taskfeed 1.20 - 1.49 - Release Notes

1.49 December 5th 2014

  • Board Sharing methods available to TaskfeedApexAPI

1.48 December 4th 2014

  • Upgrading icons from Bootstrap Glyphicon Halflings to Font Awesome to provide better compatibility and wider variety of icons

1.47 December 1st 2014

  • Single bug fix for the height of Boards

1.46 December 1st 2014

  • Minor bug fixes

1.45 November 28th 2014

  • Hide from Plan field on List to remove a group of Tasks from the Plan view
  • Board and List Start and End Shown on Plan View, header colour used for complete Tasks light colour used for incomplete tasks
  • New report type for Task reports and sample dashboard
  • Minor bug fixes

1.44 November 27th 2014

  • Gantt view
  • Start and End Date on Tasks. Start and End define when the task is planned to be worked on while the Due Date defines when it is needed.
  • Drag tasks on Gantt view, resize to extend of contract length of a Task
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

1.43 November 14th 2014

  • Boards can be Ordered to control how they are presented when in multi-board view
  • Tasks can now be Completed (what have you been doing this whole time)
  • Complete Checkbox and Datetime on Task
  • Complete button optionally on Task
  • Complete value on List to mark as Complete when moved
  • Translation Support for core static text. More to come in future.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

1.42 November 14th 2014

  • Additional Parameter on Taskboard Component ‘GuessBoard’. Allows Partners and Developers to embed Taskfeed into Page Layouts and control if the Board will load from a cookie if no Board Id provided (added specifically for Taskfeed for Sales)

1.41 November 07th 2014

  • Additional Parameter on Taskboard Component ‘redirectToNewBoard’. Allows Partners and Developers to embed Taskfeed into Page Layouts and redirect the user to create a new Board if none can be loaded. This is the default behaviour for the standard Taskfeed tab.
  • Additional Parameter on Taskboard Component ‘stringFilter’. Allows Partners and Developers to embed Taskfeed into Page Layouts with a default Filter
  • Minor bug fixes

1.38 November 07th 2014

  • Chatter notification icon on Task Card doubles up as follow toggle
  • Board Switcher shows 15 most relevant Boards. This is made up of Recently Modified Boards you own or own a Task within, then the remainder is all of the recently modified Boards you have access

1.37 November 06th 2014

  • Board Switcher now shows label and Board count
  • Archive button now available on Task Cards

1.36 October 31st 2014

  • Much improved Salesforce1 mobile app
  • View All My Tasks Option in Board Switcher
  • Mark Lists to not show Tasks in List View mode (e.g. Completed Lists)
  • Additional Parameters on Taskboard Component for Partners and Developers to integrate Taskfeed

1.31 October 24th 2014

  • Taskboard component can now be embedded in your own Visualforce pages and page layouts
  • New touch scope design for touch devices enabling better usability for scrolling lists and dragging cards
  • When filtering Tasks they are ghosted rather than not displayed at all (change of mind again)

1.30 October 3rd 2014

  • Two releases in one day!
  • Just adding the ability for Tasks to Archive overnight. Set-up a list for Archive and either on the day the task is moved to the list of after set days it will drop off the Board.

1.29 October 3rd 2014

  • View multiple Boards together, selecting the ‘eye’ icon in the Board switcher allows you to stack Boards, you can even drag tasks between Boards
  • Table View of your Boards - Flip to table view to see all the tasks, order them by columns and use the same filters
  • Filter now hide the unfiltered tasks rather than ‘ghosting’ them out

1.27 September 26th 2014

  • Added ‘Trending’ filters to the Filter menu. Trending Filters find the most use Custom Labels on the Board and recommends them to quickly filters.
  • Fixes issue with Contributor Tooltip

1.26 - August 19th 2014

  • Fixed UI issue with the filter for Windows IE 8/9/10/11 and Safari for Mac
  • Added Loading feedback when saving Task and Board in the modal screens
  • Added new field to Board called Archived. When Archived the Board will not appear in the Board switcher
  • Better handling for namespace in List and Task templates

1.24 - August 8th 2014

  • Added ability to remove the Log time and Edit button from a task card in the Board view
  • Added New Board button to the Board Switcher

1.22 - July 25th 2014

  • Lists automatically created when creating a new Board
  • Default lists can be managed within a CSV document in the Salesforce Documents tab
  • Added Full Screen button and collapse button when in Fullscreen view.

1.20 - July 18th 2014

  • Created TaskfeedApexAPI to make it easier to create Boards and Lists from templates in Apex
  • Introduced keyboard shortcuts
  • E - edits the task mouse is hovering
  • Space - assigned task mouse is hovering
  • V - unassigned task mouse is hovering
  • Q - applies the My Tasks filter
  • X - removes all filters
  • New Task create screen to make adding tasks with related lookups , due dates and description much easier. When adding a task from the Board hit the enter key to quick add or use the button to add more detail
  • Performance improvement when switching Boards from the Board switcher

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