Board & Task Security & Sharing

When creating Boards they will be set to Private. This means only the Owner of the Board will have access to the Boards and Tasks within the Board. It is possible to extend access to the Board in three ways.
  1. Adding Contributors (Read/Write)
  2. Manually Sharing the Board (Read-only or Read/Write)
  3. Defining Sharing Rules  (Read-only or Read/Write)
Note: Sharing of Taskfeed Boards will only be possible to users who have a Taskfeed licence assigned.

Adding Contributors

Contributors are people added to the Board through the Share link on the Board itself. Contributors will be listed at the top of the Board so they can be dragged onto a Task to assign ownership.

Manually Sharing the Board

From the Board record (found via the Taskfeed Board tab) the owner of the Board can manually share the Board to users in Salesforce or Public Groups defined by the Salesforce Admin. This feature is provided by Salesforce. More details about manual sharing can be found in the following Salesforce help document:

Defining Sharing Rules

Board sharing can be defined for the entire set of users using Sharing Rules. Sharing Rules are defined by the Admin and can be based on Ownership or Field Values. You can read more about Salesforce sharing rules here:

Example 1: Share all Boards with all Users
Create a sharing rule using the default public group 'All Internal Users' to share with 'All Internal Users' then decide the Access Level.

Example 2: Share only some Boards with all Users Read-only
If we only want to share certain boards with all users then we first want to create a custom field on the Taskfeed Board to help determine which Boards to share. This could be a just a checkbox which the owner could check to make the Board Public. 

When defining the sharing rule you will want to select rule type 'Based on criteria'. Then select the criteria as 'Public' equals 'True'. Then select to share with 'All Internal Users' then decide the Access Level.

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