Taskfeed Custom Labels

Taskfeed Custom Labels allow you to customise the look of a Taskfeed Task Card by adding your own label.  This label could reference a standard or custom field on your Task or even a standard or custom field on a related record.

Not only does the Custom Label present the label on the Card but you can also use this to filter Tasks on your Boards.

Looking at the Task Card, 'Wynne Gill' is a Custom Label. This shows us that the Task is associated with a Contact. You can click on the label on the task to see more details about this Contact in the expandable Side Pane on the right. The value in the label can also be used to filter the Board to focus on Tasks related to this Contact.

Custom Label showing additional information about the related record on the side pane

Custom Labels can be used as filters so find only the Tasks linked to a specific Contact, for example.

Configuring your Custom Label

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of configuring Salesforce including creating custom relationship fields.

First step is to create your lookup field to your object. In this example, we are linking a Taskfeed Task to a Contact. We have created a Lookup Relationship field between the Taskfeed Task and the Contact called ‘Contact’ with the API Name ‘Contact__c’.

The screenshot below shows the configuration of a Contact Custom Label. Following the screenshot is an explanation of each field.


The first section, ‘Information’, describes the characteristics for how the label will appear on the task card.




Name describes the Custom Label and will be displayed in the Filter search box on your Board.

Display on Task Card

Checkbox to determine if the Label will be displayed on the Card. This can be used to create a Custom Label solely for the purpose of Filtering. E.g. We may create an Account Label for presentation and an Account Type Label for filtering.

Enable Link on Task Card

Checkbox to determine if the Label will be represented as a hyperlink to the record.

Enable Popover

Checkbox to determine if when the user hovers over the label they will see additional details about the record. These additional details can be configured within the page layout of the record. https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewSolution?id=000005180&language=en_US


Represents the record owner of the Custom Label. This has no impact on behaviour


Order determines the order the Custom Label will appear on the Task Card and also the Order the Custom Label will appear in the Filter Box.

Define Label Reference

This section is defines the characteristics of how the label will appear on the task card.



Record to Reference

‘Record to Reference’ defines which type of related record to display. In our example, we want to display a value from a related Contact. 

Display Field

'Display field' is where you define which field within that record to display on the Task Card. Taskfeed will display the value in that field when there is one associated with your Task.


Style determines the look of the Label with options to define Font color, background colour and an icon.



Label font color

The web color that should be used to on the Task Card Label.

Definition of Web Colors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors

Helpful Color Picker:


Label Background color

The web color that should be used to on the Task Card Label as the Background Color.

When referencing Objects I recommend matching the Background colour to be the Tab color.

Label icon

Determines the Icon to be displayed on the label. The icon may be one of the 'glyphicons' from the following web page: http://getbootstrap.com/components/

Omit the 'glyphicon glyphicon-' part of the name and only provide the end. e.g. 'glass'.

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