Precursive Patch v16.10.4 Release Notes

Since the original release of OBX 16.10, we’ve been making additional improvements and fixing issues that have been identified. The patch 16.10.4 will be available on the AppExchange from 3rd February and will be pushed to all our customers who have not opted-out of automatic upgrades on the 17th February.

UI Improvements

  • We have fixed the styles of the chat icon appearing in the OBX tab that was blocking some part of the UI.
  • To keep consistency in the user interface and provide the same experiences using different ways of entering the same data into the system, we have improved the List field filter to include only lists from the current board so that it can be also used when added to the right side pane.

Automation enablers

  • Some of the customizations stopped working after the 16.10 release like process builders completing tasks automatically based on sub-task status. This was related to our core trigger behaviour that was changed. It is now fixed so this issue will not appear anymore.
  • We improved actions being made by non-licensed users. After recent release, when Board was created by a user without a license or with insufficient permissions granted it caused that Task Contributors could not have been created and this behaviour is fixed in 16.10.4 version.
  • Customers who use complex Board Hierarchies could notice in the apex jobs that some batches were repeated multiple times. This issue didn’t directly affect the functioning of the app but will not appear after the upgrade.

Performance improvements

  • Customers who use complex Board Hierarchies could notice errors thrown when trying to expand or collapse a related board. In the newest version, we reviewed these and we improved the error handling and the performance of this view.
  • Customers with a large number of notifications could experience a heap size error when opening the OBX tab. We’ve limited the number of notifications to a number that can be displayed without causing this error.
  • In some Orgs, we identified issues on External Sharing that are fixed in 16.10.4 version.

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