Precursive Summer '20 Release (v16.10) - Critical Upgrade Actions for Administrators

When upgrading to Precursive OBX you must follow the following steps to run the Critical Upgrade Actions.

These actions perform necessary actions that cannot be performed as part of the upgrade process:

  • Add Team Role Picklist options to support External Contacts
  • Add “Board” as an option in the Template Format picklist
  • Update Tab branding (Icons and colours)
  • Update App Branding from Taskfeed to Precursive OBX
  • Update Email Templates Branding for Daily Summary Email

Run Critical Upgrade Actions

Open Salesforce organization where you would like to upgrade Precursive OBX.

  • Navigate to the Precursive OBX tab.
  • Select Settings icon that is located on left bottom corner and choose Application Settings 
  • Go to System Tab > Critical Upgrade Actions.

To perform a Critical Upgrade click on Run Now button that is located on the right side of Critical Upgrade details.

When the operation is completed, please ensure that you received this message

In case of any issues with the automatic deployment, follow the steps from the section below.

How to make the changed manually

If the automated deployment did not work, please follow these steps below to apply them manually:

1. Adding Team Role Picklist options as available options for new Board Team Member and Task Contributor Record Types to support External Contact
  • Navigate to Setup > Object Manager
  • Find the Board Team Member object
  • Choose Record Types from the left menu
  • For each of External Contact and Internal
  • Select the Record Type Name, then choose Edit next to Role in the “Picklists Available for Editing” section
  • Ensure all the options are available for “Selected Values”
  • Then select Save
Repeat the steps for the Task Contributor object
2. Adding “Board” as an option in the Template Format picklist
  • Navigate to Setup > Object Manager
  • Find the Precursive Template object
  • Choose Fields & Relationships from the left menu
  • Choose the Template Format field
  • Add picklist value called “Board”

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