Precursive Summer 20 (v.16) - Contact Roles

Precursive Internal & External Roles

Precursive Contact Roles

Precursive now has extended the functionality of assigning internal and external team members to appropriate roles within a board or task. What this means is that users will now have visibility of all stakeholders within a project whether assigned as a contributor or point of contact.

From within the UI, team assignment is carried out the same way the only addition is users now have (2) options as listed:

Internal Team = Users(Read/Edit) access to boards and tasks

External Team = Contact(Read-Only) access to boards and tasks

This is a great addition because when a board is shared through external sharing all parties can see who has been assigned and to which task.

How to Set Up

Step 1.

Make sure that all roles pertinent to your process have been established within Salesforce(Picklist Global Value Set) “Team Role”

Step 2.

Assign proper roles for each Board Team Member Record TypeInternal/External

  • Navigate in setup to Board Team Members object

  • Click on to Record Type

  • Select either Internal or External Contact | Drag and Drop values you want to assign

  • SAVE

 Note: If roles are not assigned to proper record types, when you try to assign roles they will not be visible.

External User (Record Type) Assignment -

Internal User (Record Type) Assignment -

Step 3.

Assign users and contacts

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