Precursive Summer 20 (v.16) - Task Scheduling Lock Date

Lock Scheduling of a Task

The lock date feature allows users to permanently lock a specified start date when scheduling a task that won’t be rescheduled based on its predecessor’s Start Date changing.

How to Lock a Task Start Date

Step 1.

From the Precursive board-level click onto any calendar within a Precursive task card.

Step 2.

Select the desired Start Date and then check “Lock the Dates” checkbox located at the bottom of the “Schedule Task” popup box | SAVE

Now that this has been completed if the predecessor’s Start Date is changed it will not reschedule tasks with the assigned lock date.


Once a lock date is assigned it doesn’t matter if you uncheck this feature in attempts to reset tasks to the original start date. It will not readjust, you will have to manually change the start date and lead/lag to predecessor tasks.

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