Precursive Summer '20 Release Notes (v16.0)

When is Summer ‘20 Available?

Precursive Summer ‘20 (v16.10) will be available for upgrade on the AppExchange from September 14 with the update being pushed out automatically for all organizations that have not opted out of automatic upgrades by December 3rd. Before then you can upgrade your sandbox today following this link.

Admin notification

Regardless of the way how the upgrade will be performed, this time, we would like to notify Administrators about required action for Critical Upgrade. Please find details here on how to perform Critical Upgrade.

Before You Upgrade

Before upgrading, consider communicating the changes below to your users so that they’re prepared for the changes. We recommend upgrading in a Sandbox environment first.

New Feature Highlights

Summer ‘20 is introducing an exciting list of new features. This includes the Rebranding of Precursive OBX, Contact Roles, Lightning Components, Inter-Hierarchy Dependencies, and lots of performance and stability improvements.

Rebranding of Precursive OBX

With the rebranding, our customers will now see the Precursive OBX Logo and Precursive naming throughout the product.

Note: Only changes will occur in the labelling and not the API names. So this will have no impact on reporting or custom configurations.

Lightning Components

Precursive is extending the product experience with a new board and task lightning components that can be embedded within the standard board and task pages.

Precursive Board and Task Lightning Components:

  • Precursive OBX

  • Precursive Board List

  • Precursive Task Checklist

  • Precursive Task Contributors

  • Precursive Board Team

  • Precursive Board Stage Path

  • Precursive Task List

  • Precursive Task Time History

  • Precursive Task Path

Note: For new subscribers, this will be available out of the box. For current subscribers, to enable/activate new lightning components your Salesforce Administrator will need to follow steps provided in help article - How to activate new Precursive Lightning Components   

Precursive OBX Component

The precursive OBX lightning component replaces the Taskfeed component, which continues the same functionality and visibility to Precursive Boards within standard and custom record pages. To embed new component Salesforce Administrators will have to follow steps provided in our help article - Embed Precursive OBX within custom and standard objects

Precursive Board List

Precursive Board List Lightning component is a renaming of “Taskfeed Boards”. This component allows the display of all related(child) boards in a board hierarchy. When you click onto a board from the Precursive Boards tab this will open up the detail record page where contributors will see all related boards. From here contributors can drill into and navigate between all associated boards.

Precursive Task Checklist

The precursive Task Checklist component extends task contributors the ability to add, delete, and checkoff items straight from the Precursive Task record detail page.

Precursive Task Contributors

The precursive Task Contributors Lightning component is a wonderful addition to the task detail record page. Once contributors click on a task from the Precursive Tasks tab contributors can now assign, edit and delete contributors straight from the task record detail page.

Precursive Board Team

When viewing a Precursive Board detail record page the Board Team component will enable contributors visibility of all assigned team members and extend the ability to edit, add and delete contributors all in one place.

In the Advanced Options, users will be able to assign access levels and task(s) by roles, which will place that specific user to all tasks on a board with a specified role placeholder. In addition, users can be assigned to role placeholders not only on one board but to all related boards associated in a board hierarchy.

Precursive Board Stages Path

Precursive Board Stages Path component extends stage visibility and edits functionality directly from a Precursive Board record page.

Precursive Task List

Precursive Task List Lightning component opens up the visibility of related subtasks within a single parent task record detail page. Contributors will be able to complete, change the status, reassign ownership, and log time against subtasks.

Precursive Task Time History

Task Time History is a feature that not only shows all-time logged against a single task within the record detail page, but extends functionality to edit, remove, and add time.

Precursive Task Path

The Precursive Task Path component allows contributors status visibility and edit capabilities of a single task within its record page. From the task record page, the status can be updated manually by selecting the desired value within the task path or editing the list value.

Precursive Plan View

The precursive Plan view has a few new features in addition to an upgrade in speed performance. Users now can easily navigate between tasks with just a few clicks. In the plan view, there are a couple of new buttons within the header that allows the user to expand all related boards within a board hierarchy and collapse Parent tasks.

When viewing a board in the plan view users will now have visibility of not only a project’s “Status Overview” but also all it’s currently active Parent and subtasks. To view all features in detail view our help article - Summer 20 (v.16) Plan View

Precursive Board Template

Precursive Board Template allows users to create templates from existing boards. This new functionality will remove the complexity involved in scheduling your process in a spreadsheet, across multiple references, subtasks, durations, assigned users, roles, dependencies and lead/lag times. To see an example of how this is set up take a look at our help article here.


Inline Editing Precursive Boards within Detail Pane

Inline Editing within a Precursive task and board detail pane has been a great feature that it has now been extended for users to have the ability to edit all fields, within the board, plan, and table view.


Repeat Task

The Repeat Task feature has the same functionality but now users are able to create repeating tasks within the UI(Precursive OBX tab. Users will have the capability to set frequency, interval, maximum occurrences, and schedule the start and end date.

To see how this can be scheduled this support document gives more information - Setup repeat task in Precursive UI

Lock Date when Scheduling Tasks

The lock date feature allows users to permanently lock a specified start date when scheduling a task that won’t be rescheduled based on its predecessor’s changing.

For steps on functionality view our help article - Lock Scheduling of a Task

Cross Board Dependencies

Cross Board Dependencies allows our customers to set task dependencies between multiple Parent and Child boards within a board hierarchy relationship. This means that a task(s) from a child board can have a dependency(predecessor) of a task within a Parent board and vice versa.

This relationship can be established manually from the board level or by the task template.

To see how this functionality can be enabled and set up please visit or help article - Cross Board Dependencies

Contact Roles

Precursive now has extended the functionality of assigning internal and external team members to appropriate roles within a board or task. What this means is that users will now have visibility of all stakeholders within a project whether assigned as a contributor or point of contact.

From within the UI, team assignment is carried out the same way the only addition is users now have (2) options as listed:

Internal Team = Users(Read/Edit) access to boards and tasks

External Team = Contact(Read-Only) access to boards and tasks

This is a great addition because when a board is shared through external sharing all parties can see who has been assigned and to which task.

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