Plan View

Precursive Plan view has a few new features in addition to an upgrade in speed performance available out of the box.

New features include:

  • Inline Edit

  • Board and Parent collapse capabilities

  • Project Status Overview

  • Bumpers

Inline Edit allows users to very quickly make changes to any field within the board or task detail pane, without having to open each one at a time.

There are a couple of new buttons within the Plan View header “Collapse Boards” and “Collapse Parent Tasks”, which allow the user to either hide or show all related boards, tasks, and subtasks within a single board or board hierarchy.

When viewing a board in the plan view users will now have visibility of not only a project’s “Status Overview” but also all it’s currently active Parent and subtasks.

Bumpers allow you to quickly navigate to a task that is outside of the currently selected timeline.

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