Precursive Summer 20 (v.16) - Cross Board Dependencies

Cross Board Dependencies - Overview and Setup

Cross Board Dependencies allows our customers to set task dependencies between multiple Parent and Child boards within a board hierarchy relationship. This means that a task(s) from a child board can have a dependency(predecessor) of a task within a Parent board and vice versa.


  • In Precursive there's a limit to 500 tasks per board. In a board hierarchy, you could have for example 10 boards each one with 500 tasks making the whole hierarchy equalling 5,000 tasks. With the new Cross Board Dependency, feature enabled projects are limited to only 500 tasks within the entire board hierarchy.

  • Unless you check off “Enable Cross Board Dependency” upon Board creation or by setting the option to TRUE in settings then you should only be able to select a predecessor from the same Board.

Enabling Cross Board Dependency

Cross Board Dependency can be enabled within Precursive app-settings and when creating a board from the board level manually.

Example on how to create Coss Board Dependency manually:

  • Create Parent Board for this demonstration board name is “Parent Board Hierarchy”

  • Create a second board as child board named “Child Board 1”

  • Manually created a single task within “Child Board 1” board and assigned a dependency(predecessor) from the Parent Board task named “Kickoff Call”

  • Assign Lead/Lag so the task will have a start date

From the plan view, you can see the parent board and it’s related child board and tasks. When clicking on “Task 1” within the child board this opens up the task’s detail pane where you see this task is scheduled to be ready for work 2 days after the completion of its predecessor “kickoff Call”.

Users can also set dependencies by way of task templates. For a deep dive in how to build templates and dependencies, review our help article - Create dependencies in Task Templates

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