Precursive Summer 20 (v.16) - Lightning Components

Precursive Lightning Components

Precursive has extended the product experience with new board and task lightning components that can be embedded within the standard board and task pages.

Precursive Board and Task Lightning Components:

  • Precursive Board List

  • Precursive Board Stage Path

  • Precursive Board Team

  • Precursive Task List

  • Precursive Task Path

  • Precursive Task Time History

  • Precursive Task Contributors

  • Precursive Task Checklist

Note: For new customers, these features are available out of the box, but for current customers, they must be activated/assigned within the Salesforce Lightning App Builder. 

How to add Precursive Lightning Components within Lightning App Builder

  1. Activate and assign the Precursive record page “Managed” directly from the Precursive Board and Precursive Task object.

  2. Edit page directly from the board or task record.

Option 1:

  • Navigate to Setup | Object Manager 

  • In Search type “Precursive Board” or “Precursive Task” object

  • Select Lightning Record Pages | Click View

    • This will open Salesforce Lightning App Builder

  • Click onto Activation

    • You will have the option at this point to assign Precursive record page at different levels Org, App or App,Record Type and Profiles

  • SAVE

Option 2:

  • Login to Precursive OBX

  • From the Navigation Bar select "Precursive Boards" or "Precursive Tasks" tab

  • Select any single board or task record

  • Click on Setup | Edit Page

  • Scroll on the left side pane to Custom - Manage section

    • From here you can customize record page by adding any and all desired Precursive Lightning components

  • Save

  • Activate page


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