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Precursive Board Templates

Creating a task template has never been easier nor quicker until now with the release of Precursive’s Summer 20 product. This new feature and functionality allow our customers to continue to work efficiently and with less effort.

A great thing about this new functionality is that a board created from an existing board template will remove the complexity involved in scheduling your process in a spreadsheet, across multiple references, subtasks, durations, assigned users, roles, and lead/lag times.

Things to Note:

For this, to work there must be a board already created. In addition, any original board used for creating a Board Template is deleted; users will no longer be able to create any new board with that specific associated board type.

Create Board Template

 Step 1.

  • Navigate to Precursive Templates tab

  • Select NEW

    • Establish Template Name | Format(Board)

    • Search for Desired Pre Existing Template | Select “Active” Give Description

    • SAVE

Step 2.

  • Navigate to Precursive Board Types tab

  • Select New | Create Name | Select “Active”

  • Select Name of the Board Template from step 1

Note: When assigning templates for Board Type you don’t need to assign a List or Task template.

Step 3

  • Create a new board.

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