6.1. Embed Precursive OBX within a Custom or Standard Object Page using new Lightning Component

Precursive has implemented a simple way to embed Precursive OBX within a Standard or Custom object record, with just a few clicks, introduced in version 15.0 and above. This functionality is great to allow customers to work on boards related to specified records all from one page.

This article will guide your Salesforce administrator to configure your Lightning page.

User Permissions Needed

To create and save Lightning pages in the Lightning App Builder

Customize Application

To view Lightning pages in the Lightning App Builder

View Setup and Configuration

Note: If embedding Precursive within a custom object or standard object other than the Account/Opportunity page you must create a Lookup field within Precursive Board and Precursive Task object to bridge a relationship between objects.

Example: Creating Lookup Field for "Case" Object

To customize an existing record page in Lightning Experience

  • Click the Setup cog and select Edit Page

Then from the record page editor of the Lightning App Builder:

  • Click on the Details tab on the Canvas section.

  • In the Properties pane on the right, click Add Tab to create a new tab.

  • Click on the new tab and for the Tab Label select Custom.

  • Name the custom tab label “Precursive”.

  • Click the Precursive tab on the Canvas to add the Precursive App Lightning component to that area.

  • From the Lightning Components Pane on the left, drag and drop the Precursive OBX Component custom component onto the Precursive tab area.

Note: The next step does not need to be configured for the Opportunity or Account record page.

  • Open another page to access “Setup” and navigate to Object Manager

    • Next scroll down to Precursive Board object > Fields and Relationships

    • Scroll to Case and copy the API (Field Name)

    • Navigate back to the open page where you are editing the Case record page.

    • Insert Case API to the “Lookup Field Pane” on the right detail pane

    • Click Save.

    • Click Activate (or Activation…) to assign the page to the appropriate Apps, Profiles, and Record Types.

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