Assign Board Team Members to Related Boards

This article refer to assigning Board Team Members ot Board that is part of a Board Hierarchy.

When adding a Board Team Member you may want that person to be assigned to multiple Boards in the Hierarchy. This can be achieved by assigning the Board Team Member to all related Boards.

Assign Board Team Members to all Related Boards

When adding a Board Team Member choose the option "Assign to all related Boards" from the Advanced Options section.

Removing a Board Team Members from Related Boards

When a Board Team Member is assigned to related Boards if the original Board Team Member is removed or updated then all related Board Members are also updated.

Setting the default behaviour for Assigning to all Related Boards

From Taskfeed Application settings on the "Board" tab there is an option to set default state of the Assign to all related Boards checkbox on the Add Board Team Member screen.

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