10.1 How to Auto-Archive Task Process

How to Auto Archive completed tasks after a set number of days.

You may want to auto archive completed tasks that take up space on your Taskfeed boards when they have been completed sometime before the Taskfeed Board itself is completed. An Archive task is still visible for reporting purposes, but will not continue to load on the board plan.

You can set this by defining the number of days on your list template. There is a field on the list called “Archive after ... days”. On the completed list only row, add in the no of days you want to auto archive to kick in from the completed date of the task. You also need to add in value to the enable Archive column and this should be “TRUE”

Then upload your replacement template and this will be applied for all tasks created from the template.

You can see on the completed list record that the Archive and number of days field have been updated too:

Once you have marked the task as completed, you will see a value appear in the “Archive Date” field.

There is a daily archive batch apex job that finds anything with archive date less than or equal to today and not archived and archives it.

You can set this off manually the first time you make a change - and then it is scheduled to run daily.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages, find Taskfeed and click Configure.

  2. Select the Background Processes tab

  3. Click Run Now in The Task Archive section.

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