Alert! Security Model for Public Sites Coming March 1, 2020

Salesforce is making a change to how Security of Public Sites are configured. This impacts you if you are using Taskfeed External Sharing.

What needs to change?

The following steps will help you to enable the new security options that are required by Salesforce. This makes your use of External Sharing safer.

  1. Enable Security Alert

    1. Go to Set up > Security > Security Alert

    2. Check for the security update “Secure Guest Users' Org-Wide Defaults and Sharing Model”

If you are using Sites for anything other than External Sharing with Taskfeed then you should review all steps.

Select Done and accept Security Alert confirmations

2. Update Sharing Rules

    1. Navigate to Setup > Security > Sharing Settings

    2. Select Edit and scroll to bottom to find option “Secure guest user record access” check this box and save.

    1. This will enable a new type of sharing rule which we will now use.

    2. From the “Manage sharing settings for” picklist choose Taskfeed Boards

    3. Delete your existing Sharing Rule with Criteria “Taskfeed Board: External Sharing EQUALS Public”.

    4. Create a new Sharing Rule called “External Sharing”

    5. Choose “Guest user access, based on criteria”, set the criteria as “Taskfeed Board: External Sharing EQUALS Public

    6. Then choose “Share with” as the Public Guest Site User for the Site you created for External Sharing (unless you are using Sites or Communities you will just have one option)

    7. Leave “Access Level” as Read only.

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