Taskfeed Board Process

Taskfeed Board Process - Setup from the App Launcher

What is it?

A process that can be set up by Taskfeed Admins to associate a Board Type to its own set of Stage values and Stage attributes. Board Processes are managed in the new Board Process tab in the App Launcher. It is also possible to assign to the navigation bar to have quick access.

Taskfeed provides a default Board Process out of the box. When Board Types are created, each type can be associated with the default Board Process or a custom board process can be created with its own set of stages and attributes for each Stage.

Stage attributes include: defining a Board Status for each Stage, Success (or not), and the Display Order.

Success status: not all boards are successful when they are closed. When defining a Board Process, you can define which Closed Stage value is a Success and which ones are not.

Setting Up a New Board Process

  1. Before setting up a new Board Process, create all possible Board Types and Board Stage values across all Board Types.

Go to Setup | Picklist Value Sets | Board Stage

  • Add in all possible board stages that you might want to use

Go to Setup | Object Manager | Taskfeed Board | Fields & Relationships | Type

  • Add in all board types that you might want to use

Go to Taskfeed Board Process tab from the App Launcher

  • To view existing Board Processes, select All. A Default Board Process is provided.

  • Click New to create a new Board Process.

  • Name the board process and click Active

  • Under Board Process Stages, click New.

  • Name the Board Process Stage and Select the corresponding Stage in the dropdown

  • Enter a number for the Display Order, select a Board Status

  • Save then repeat for each new process.


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