Board Hierarchy Setup

Board Hierarchy fields are not added to layouts and fieldsets by default.

Salesforce User Permissions Required
To create and edit sites:Customize Application

Enable Board Hierarchy

The following steps are to be completed by your Salesforce Administrator:

Extend custom fields to Taskfeed Board page layout:

Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Taskfeed Board (Object) | Page Layout

Locate custom field Parent and drag and drop into Related To section

Locate custom field Related Boards(All) and drag and drop into Related List section

Add the Parent Lookup field to the Taskfeed Board Edit Modal Field Set

Add the Parent Lookup field to the Taskfeed Board Record Detail Pane Field Set

Create a Board Hierarchy

Taskfeed offers the ability to relate multiple boards(children) to a single board(parent) up to 5 levels. Once a lead board or Parent has been established you can select the parent lookup option upon creation of a new board or by editing an existing board.

Select Taskfeed Board or Taskfeed tab | Click on New board to launch new board options

If this is a child board, use the Parent lookup to associate this Board with its Parent and SAVE.


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