Add Notes & Hyperlinks to Tasks

Want to add Notes, links, and images to your Tasks?

Taskfeed provides a custom field Detail, which allows collaborators to share imperative information in text format to any task.

Add text to Detail Field

  • Double click on any Task Card | Scroll to Detail Field

  • Once any text is applied you can edit by selecting the Blue Pencil Icon located on the Task Detail Pane.

Share Links and Documents with Customers

Taskfeed now offers the ability to share links and documents to Taskfeed Tasks out of the box.

When editing a task there is a custom Rich Text field labeled Shared Notes. Collaborators can upload URLs and documents that can be accessed by internal or external users.  

  • Select any task card to open the edit window

  • Scroll to Shared Notes field

  • Manually add text or upload URL and SAVE

  • Once saved you will see this custom field on the task detail pane

⚠️ Shared Notes field is not visible within the detail pane until any text is saved.

Use the Taskfeed Task Chatter Actions

You can post Task-related updates as the project progresses, attach files, and share a link with your team members using the Chatter Actions. You can also @ mention a colleague related to that Board.

  • Click on any task to open side pane

  • Click onto Feed icon and opt to open box next to the Follow button

  • Select down carrot next to More options

  • Chose Link option and add URL

  • SAVE

Create and Configure Custom Rich Text Field

Salesforce Administrators can create a custom field of the Text Area (Rich) type on Taskfeed Task. Rich Area Text custom fields are a great solution to provide clickable links, images or formatted text on your tasks.

  • Go to Salesforce Setup | Object Manager | Taskfeed Task Object

  • Select Custom Fields & Relationships the Field Sets 

  • Click New | Data Type: Text Area (Rich)

  • Create a Label which will auto-populate the Field Name | SAVE 

When implementing a custom field on Taskfeed Task or Taskfeed Board, remember to include the new field in the following Taskfeed Task (or Taskfeed Board) fieldsets:

  • Edit Modal Fields

  • Record Detail Pane

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