Modify Background Polling Duration

You may find when dragging multiple tasks from one list to another, sometimes the tasks appear to move to the new list but then jump back to the old list. A solution to this is to reduce how often Taskfeed will refresh Board and Task information in the background.

There are three options that control how often Taskfeed will refresh Board and Task information in the background.

Default Polling Period

In milliseconds how often Taskfeed will refresh Boards and Tasks to pick top background changes from other users. It is recommended to set this to nothing lower than 2000 (2 seconds) a standard option should be 10000 which means Taskfeed will refresh background changes every 10 seconds.

Maximum Polling Period

As the polling time increases as each refresh for changes to Boards and Tasks shows there have been no changes. This is the maximum the polling will grow too in milliseconds.

Poll Easing

When Taskfeed tried to refresh Boards and Tasks, if there are no changes then it will increase the next polling time as we do not expect there to be new changes. The amount to which we increase the polling time is called “Poll Easing”. This should be a number greater than 1 as less than one would suggest we reduce the polling time.

How to change Background Polling Duration

  • Navigate to "Application Settings"
  • Next navigate to "Default Polling Period" and set the value to 5000, then select Save.

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