Taskfeed & Communities Overview

Communities Overview

Salesforce Communities are a great way to connect and collaborate with customers and partners. Extending Taskfeed to your Customer or Partner Community can drive even further engagement, collaboration and accountability during their Onboarding, Implementation and ongoing Success.

What's the Difference Between External Sharing and Community?

Taskfeed Boards can be shared with people outside of your internal Salesforce organization via External Sharing or through a Salesforce Community.

External Sharing grants visibility to a Taskfeed Board via a unique URL that is generated per Board. It’s a great first step to increase engagement with your customers and partners. Anyone who is given the URL to the Board can see it - no username or password is necessary, but visitors have view-only permissions to the Board. They cannot mark tasks as complete, upload files or post updates to Board team members.

When Taskfeed is used in a Community, your customers or partners can visit the plan you have prepared for them, see changes and updates in real time, complete tasks, interact with your team using Chatter, upload attachments, receive Task notifications and much more.


In order to use Taskfeed in a Community, your organization will need, of course, an active Salesforce Customer or Partner Community.

Your Community users will also require a Taskfeed License to see and use Taskfeed. Taskfeed Community Licenses are provided in bundles and at a fraction of the cost of internal Taskfeed licenses.

  • Contact us for more information and to discuss your licensing requirements.

Required Salesforce Editions: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions.

Can Anyone in the Community See Taskfeed?

Only the people who are given a Taskfeed License and the appropriate Permission Set. Salesforce Admins can identify which Contacts will or should have any access to Taskfeed. They will also define through Sharing Sets and permission sets which Boards a Community User can see and how much they can do in Taskfeed.

Set Up Taskfeed in Your Community

If your organization already has an active Salesforce Community or considering setting one up, visit our Community Setup Guide to learn more and get started.

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