Tutorial: Report on Email Activities within Taskfeed Boards

Question: We are trying to monitor our communication frequency with our customers. Is there a way in Taskfeed to have a report with the feed or activities log that would show for example customers that were not contacted for the last 10 days?


To associate emails that you and your colleagues receive to a record in Salesforce (such as a Taskfeed Board, Taskfeed Task, Account, Opportunity etc), your Salesforce Administrator will need to set that up separately.

To track those emails that you receive and associate with a Board and to also send emails from a Taskfeed Board, your Salesforce Administrator will need to Enable Activities for the Taskfeed Board object.

Seeing the Activity History on the Page Layout:

In Lightning Experience, you have to edit the Lightning record page (for any object) and add the Activities component to the page.

          Visit this article for full instructions


Report on Boards Where Customers Have Not Been Contacted:

 You’ll need a custom report type to report on Taskfeed Boards with or without Activities (such as emails). If you don’t have the necessary permissions to create a custom report type, ask your Salesforce Administrator to create the following custom report type:

 - Taskfeed Boards (primary object) with or without Activities


Now that you have the custom report type, create a new Report using that Report Type:

  1. Select the filters for the report. To see Boards without any Activities in the last 10 days, select:

    1. All Taskfeed Boards

    2. Created or Start Date - select the date range to specify which Boards you wish to see

    3. Out of those Boards, to see which ones had no activity in the last 10 days, add a Cross Filter:

      1. Taskfeed Boards without Activities

      2. Add Activities Filter: Created Date, Greater or Equal | Relative Date = LAST 10 DAYS

  2. Go to the Outline section and Add any relevant fields you wish to display on your report. You can group by Board Type or filter by Board Type to drill into a specific type.

  3. Save and Run the Report.

 Likewise, you can create a version of this report that shows which Boards had activities in the last 10 days.



 Your final report can look like this:


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