Tracking Salesforce Activities in Taskfeed

Tracking Email Activity in Taskfeed

To associate emails that you and your colleagues receive to any record in Salesforce (such as a Taskfeed Board, Taskfeed Task, Account, Opportunity etc), your Salesforce Administrator will need to set that up in your organization, independently from Taskfeed.

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Once that step is configured, to track those emails received that were associated with a Taskfeed Board your Salesforce Administrator will need to Enable Activities for the Taskfeed Board object. This will also enable you to send emails from a Taskfeed Board.

Tracking the Activity History on the Taskfeed Board Page Layout:

In Lightning Experience, you have to edit the Lightning record page (for any object) and add the Activities component to the page.

 For more information, read the Salesforce instructions on how to edit or create a custom Lightning record page.


1. Go to a Taskfeed board record page in Lightning, and do the following:







The Activities actions (e.g. Send Email, Log a Call etc) are determined in the Page Layout editor, under Salesforce Mobile and Lighting Experience Actions:



💡Tip: We recommend removing the New Task element from the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions for the Taskfeed Board page layout. New Task is a Salesforce Task action and will not create a Taskfeed Task. Having that action on the Activities bar in Taskfeed Board may generate some confusion for your end users.

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