Improvements to Personal Data Security: Personal Data Sandboxing

Taskfeed uses services to provide support and product analytics. Taskfeed will be implementing an option to opt-out of sharing data with Taskfeed for these purposes.

How does is data currently shared?


Support is provided through an in-app chat widget using Intercom. To enable this when interacting with Taskfeed users name, email, title, security permissions, and some browser information like device, browser type and version are shared along with org information including Org Name, Org ID, Instance name to Tapply via Intercom. This data is stored in Intercom.

Product Analytics

Product Analytics help Taskfeed identify how customer use the product and identify where issues crop up. Taskfeed uses Heap and Bugsnag for this purpose. No personal information is shared with these services however it may be possible that error reports or instrumentation may inadvertently share some information when reporting errors. Although no personal information is shared your organisation name, Org ID, and Salesforce Instance name are shared with Heap and Bugsnag.

Will this change impact me?

Taskfeed will enable this security feature on request or where Taskfeed feels the added level of security sandboxing is appropriate. When enabled the Taskfeed application will disable any services including Intercom, Heap, and Bugsnag.

How will this option being enabled impact Taskfeed?

Enabling this option will not have material impact on the usage of the product.

The only impact visible to the customer is that the in-app chat option is not available and will not be visible. This also means that users will not receive in-app product notices about product updates and new features.

Customer can continue to contact support via email at or by phone where their support plan allows.

Customers will continue to receive email notification about new updates and new features.

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