Can we have more than one Board per Account?

Q.: Can we have two Taskfeed boards per record?

In our organization, we have a Board to Onboard new customers. The team would also like the Operations team to have a board related to the same Account. Is this possible?

Yes, of course! You can create multiple Boards and associate them with the same Account, Opportunity or other records in Salesforce.  

💡Tip #1:

To easily view related Boards, ask your Salesforce Administrator to add Taskfeed Boards and Taskfeed Tasks to the Related List section of your Account and Opportunity page layouts and embed Taskfeed in your Account and Opportunity Page layouts (and other related standard or custom objects).

💡 Tip #2:

To get the most out of Taskfeed, your Salesforce Administrator can create additional Board Types in Taskfeed to support your various business processes. It makes reporting so much better as well. For instance, you could have a Board Type for Onboarding, a separate one for Operations, one for Sales etc.

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